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The giant could not see Jack, of course. Then Jack came nearer and killed the giant with his magic sword. After that he went into the giant's cave. He passed through many rooms, and came at last to a large room where was a boiling copper and a large table, at which the giant usually had his dinner. In the next room, behind an iron gate, Jack found a lot of captives. The unhappy captives told Jack that the giant had caught them and every day he killed and ate the fattest among them.

The " TİYDEM English Language Club" series includes classical and contemporary literary works adapted for the purpose of teaching English. Designed to help learners of English the "TİYDEM English Language club" series of books start with 300 basic words at the first level increasing to 3000 words at the sixth level. web sitesinden satın aldığınız ürünle ilgili yorum yazıp görüşlerinizi paylaşabilirsiniz.

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